REP Gary Vaynerchuk

I have recently started listening and following Gary V on his social media and on his podcast. I was introduced by a friend and after looking over some of articles I was very impressed. He layouts are all coordinating and intertwine. I also thought this article would be good for me as we are studying social media campaigns, ads, etc. At first glance at the ad we see the name and a link to subscribe to his email list, as well as links to all his different social media outlets. One also unique thing he does with most of his content is he has a ‘read time’ or a ‘listen time’. I think this prepares the follower to decide quickly if it is worth their time.

The article has great content throughout, the images he uses quite a few of the different design tools such as; lines, contrast, etc. He uses the images to help bring his points across. He uses them effectively before a point to show what he is trying to describe. He is a very straight to the point sort of guy and I think that is what he accomplishes here with his design. It is simple and fun. He covers his points thoroughly but doesn’t overdo it. Each of his subcategories links to another article he wrote.

I believe he uses all everything to determine if he was successful, but overall I think that new subscribers and followers would be the biggest way to determine his reach. He has successfully been using ads throughout social media to leave his mark and from watching his growth he has been very successful at influencing them.


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  1. Hi Colby. I would have loved to seen an image of the article so I could visualize what you are commenting on. But from reading your post I really like the idea of including a read or watch time. I have never seen this before in advertising and I think its a great way to build trust and transparency with your viewers.


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