Marvel Icon Set

Marvel Icon Set


Icon Final


I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and use the Illustrator application. I had a lot of fun with this assignment.  As I thought about what I wanted to do. I tried to pick something I was really interested in. I decided to go with Marvel. I really enjoy Marvel movies and I thought it could be a lot of fun. Marvel actually did and ad campaign a few months ago with some different icons and I loved it. They chose a hero, an icon, and an adjective to use for each Instagram post. I remember seeing each one and thinking it was so creative.  I tried to recreate them to hopefully grab the interest of some fellow Marvel fans. I think these icons are unique and I would like to continue to make a different one for each super hero.

In the Illustrator application I was able to toy around with the different shapes, lines, and designs. Each one I did I tried to do something a little harder on the next one. I wanted each one to help me learn the different things I was struggling on. I feel a lot more confident with Illustrator now. I hope to continue to try new things out and work with new designs.


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