Magazine Spread

As I pondered what article I would use for my magazine spread. I thought about a message that really helped me put things into perspective. The article I chose to use was a General Conference Message from Elder Holland. It talks about the Atonement and what it means for each of us. I thought this message would be most applicable to an older and understanding audience. It is for anyone feeling alone and struggling. I designed it so it would be easy to read and gripping.  The format is professional and straight to the point.

I wanted to display this article in the most effective way possible. I decided to use an image I had from a time that I visited the Garden of Gethsemane. I felt that it would add a lot to the article if I put it right under the title of the article. The image at the end ties everything together. The image reminds us of what the article was about. The color scheme I used was from the first image. It brought everything together and unified the spread. I then added the Lucida Sans font to make sure it was easy to read. I used this font to contrast against the Century font title. Two very clear and understandable fonts.

Overall I think that everything coming together really helps us understand the message found in the article. I didn’t want to do anything that took away the feeling or impact of the words testified in the article. Neither did I want to distract the audience from what they were reading with flashy or unnecessary pictures or text imaging. I think the neutral color and images help to showcase and mirror the important spiritual messages found within the text.

Colby Phillips Magizine Spread

Colby Phillips Magizine Spread2Colby Phillips Magizine Spread3


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