Photography Overview

Rule of Thirds

Burton thirds

Original Image

Burton Snowboards is a manufacturer of snowboards. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, the company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders: snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, and accessories. The company’s flagship store is in Burlington, Vermont. The company is privately owned by Burton and his wife, Donna Carpenter, who has been active in the business since 1983

Burton thirds edit

In the image the snowboarder is walking on the right third of the image with the focus on his face in the upper right third.

Leading Lines

Burton lines

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Original Image

Burton lines edit

In the image we see the lines from the jump leading the focus onto the snowboarder pulling off the trick. This is a very unique usage of leading lines because of the action style of the shot.

Depth of Field



Original image

burton-snowboards edit

In the image we see great depth of field with the snowboarder. He is right in the middle of the image, with the focus on him. We see the background slightly out of focus way off in the back.


Through these images we can see different styles of photography. All very different but very effective. They show us different ways to change the focus of the image. I really liked this assignment because of my interest in photography.


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