B-183 Reflection Week 14

This semester taught me a lot about what I am not doing. I am not being an active part of my life and my goals. Throughout the lessons and readings we had in this course one thing was clear, nothing happens to move us forward until we begin taking steps. We have to be our own motivation and find others who will support us in our efforts. I have already begun, but am excited to continue my journey in not only developing my dream business but in also developing my dream self. This course came with a lot of avenues on how to do just that. Through various examples, study cases, discussions and more I can look at what others have done to improve their lives and apply those same principles to my own. I have come to know myself better through this course and I have come to realize some of the weaknesses that are holding me back. With the information provided by professors and mentors on the subject I feel as though I have a starting point rather than feeling lost and consequently discouraged.

The readings and papers we wrote to analyze and apply them will be (and have already been) a great tool to know what steps to take and who to take them with. We have to be our own motivation, but we also need mentors and those who are willing to teach us to be successful. I have at this point developed a business plan, goal audience, mission statement, product, and business name and logo. Having these basic things has helped to organize my ideas into action. With the information I have learned in this course I now feel confident to start my journey.

To all future students of this particular course I would say not to take the information given for granted. I know personally in the past I have skimmed assignments and readings just wanting the course work for that week to be over and done with. It would have been a great mistake if I would have followed that mindset this semester. I am very much a motivational sponge. I love to listen to podcasts, read articles and books, listen to talk radio, and go to seminars when they are discussing how to be better and do better. I soak up their energy and drive like a sponge. Because of the constant flow of motivational and even directional content in this business class, I have progressed and improved upon myself more than I had originally anticipated. It is one hundred percent true that you get out what you put in in terms of effort and results. I would suggest not only giving your all I this course, but going above and daily applying the teachings found into your life.


B-183 Week 13 Reflection

As I thought about this week’s readings and videos, I had quite a few ideas pop into my head. The first one is happiness. I think the most important aspect of finding a job. No one wants to go to work every day dreading what they’re about to do. I also think that it’s ok to jump around a little bit and see what aspects of different things you like. For example I am currently and HR and previously did sales. There are things I like about both, and there are things that I don’t like. As I continually I think I will continue to narrow down what I love. I don’t think we should take a job doing something we hate so we can have it on our resume. I am hearing more and more that people are hiring more on their personality than their skill level in certain aspects. As I network and continue to meet people I think it is extremely important to see who is closest to who and how they are effecting you. I think that as we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals then we can move towards success and happiness. Overall I have really enjoyed the opportunity of being in this class. I think that it has helped me out immensely.

B-183 Week 12 Reflection

As I did the work for this week, there were a lot of different ideas that came to my mind. As I read the weekly overview, the word gratitude game to mind. One of the podcasts I follow has been hitting a lot on gratitude and how we need to view it. First off, we live in the most opportune time, EVER. It is the best time to be and entrepreneur. We need to be grateful to our Father in Heaven for the gift of putting us here at this time. We have so many tools at our disposal to bless the world. As we instill gratitude into our business and be thankful for our consumers/customers then we can really find the success and happiness that is the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I think right now there is also so much entitlement out there. With the good always comes the bad. We must never believe that the world owes us something. We must go to work and maybe, just maybe will we be blessed to have some success. I think there are a lot of Want-ntrepreneurs out there that that are willing to put these things we’ve learned into practices. They try to make a quick buck, or they are motivated by lies/deceit. They may look great at the beginning but overtime they wont make it.

B-183 Reflection Week 11

As I thought about this week’s readings/videos/case studies, a lot came to my mind. Overall they talked about the balance between life and work. I think it is important to recognize that no one’s work family balance is going to be the same. I was lucky enough to grow up with two parents that were entrepreneurs, and I know the sacrifices they made to have a successful business and a successful family. I know that they made an effort to support me in whatever I was pursuing but I also knew that sometimes they wouldn’t be able to make it. My in-laws are just starting to take a step toward entrepreneurship and it will be a big change for them. I think it will bring them a lot of freedom. I think it takes a lot of independence to have a business. I think you need to have a very strong relationship with your family to be an entrepreneur. It takes a lot from the home and family life. And if you don’t have your anchors down, you will have a lot more problems.

As I pondered the questions for this week’s journal. I think more on the terms of what is my relationship with money than my attitude towards it. I think my relationship with money is continuing to get better. I have some clear goals written down that I would like to accomplish.  As I repeat these goals in my daily affirmations they will become a reality. I think it is healthy to think of you and money as a relationship. Money is a tool that I have, I can use it however I want. I can use it to benefit me or it can quickly hurt me if I don’t know how to manage it correctly. I think my relationship with money has changed over time. It has helped me change the way I live. I am now much more aware of the things I spend money on. I control my money, I don’t let it control me.

I think some of the key rules to prospering, are first recognize how much money is coming in. Then I split my costs into variable and fixed costs. I have my bank account set up so my check go to two banks and I put my fixed costs into one and have it auto pay out of it every month. And my other goes to my variable costs, with any extra expenditures. In order to keep this prosperity going, I think you need to know where your money is going and how to maximize each dollar.

REP Sponsored Post Amazon


Amazon is one of my most used apps. I used it daily to find new items, check the best price while I’m shopping, and get all sorts of goodies for my family. This sponsored post showed up on my Facebook as I was scrolling a little earlier today. They are now promoting Amazon Home. Amazon is letting all of us know that they also ship big items such as furniture.


This is how the ad appeared as I scrolled. The odd thing about this post is that I have a couch almost identical to the one in the main image. I am guess that through my shopping trends, they are able to predict the style of my home. I think the ad is very well done. As you continued to click it gave several different styles to shop for. The products shown in each image had a link to send you directly to the item on Facebook. At the bottom of the page it says “Shop Amazon Home” where it takes you to amazon to shop for furniture.


I think the ad is designed very well. They show what I suppose some of their popular home items to grab attention. They made me want to keep shopping.

B-183 Reflection Week 10

This weeks insights really helped me get a grasp on life and what I was doing. As I pondered the lessons, videos, and readings, I had a lot of thoughts come to mind. I believe I have a mindset where the sky is the limit. I have very large aspirations. I want to make a change in the world. I am a firm believer of the energy we put out into the world whether good or bad is what we will get in return. I have been thinking about what strengths and talents I have lately. I am slowly trying to figure out how I can successfully magnify those callings to benefit others. I have a desire to make a change in this world, I want to reach my full potential, and help others do the same. Sometimes I get a little caught up in so many things at once that I feel like I can’t do anything. I am quite the scatter brain and let all my ideas and thoughts come out at once but once I can organize my thoughts and efforts to have the same goal then I can make the real change happen. This class has given me the unique opportunity to do that. I continually have all these ideas and as I learn to use each weeks tools I can become better and more effective.

B-183 Reflection Week 9

I really enjoyed this week’s readings and videos. I think as I pondered these teachings a couple of thoughts came to mind. Most of this being a leader and a doer. I think there are way to many people out there that say “I wish I would’ve…” they had the idea and they didn’t go after it. If they would have done something with that thought they could’ve got out there and made a difference. Another thought I was having as I studied was the idea of being a baker and gaining peoples trust. For example if we want to we need to have something to offer to people who out rank us in the work force. We must think like them. They are also trying to create trust and value to their superiors so how can I be an asset to them? I believe through leadership and honesty that we will be able to successfully network and climb the chain to continue to grow.

From what President Clarke taught us we are given a guide on how we must lead. I thought about all my previous leaders and how they successfully put these into action. I plan to implement this into my calling as a scout leader and at work as a manager.


GoPro launched this video in September 2016 when they released some of their new products coming out the following year. I think this video does an amazing job at doing what the Gopro is supposed to do. They want you to feel like with their camera you are a Hero. The camera the film with in the videos is the GoPro Hero5. They also release a new drone and detachable drone. I chose to do this video because I remember when it was released, I watched as they were doing their Facebook live post.

Comm315 W9a


I think by this time GoPro has done a phenomenal job at gaining a big lead on adventure and action cams. If you ever have the time take a look at how the company started. This video makes you feel like a hero, and it gets you excited to use their products to create similar memories. At this same time they released some video editing software to help the user generate some of their own “hero” videos.


Unfortunately the Drone and their stock plummeted after some major problems with the drone. Overall the video could have mentioned more about their drone, gimbals, and new software. They could have used some text to describe some unique features of their products.

Comm315 W9b

Over the past couple of years they were able to get over 21 millions views. I think this video was very successful and they were able to hit their target audience. They us so many different elements of photography that I wont go into them. They are a photography/ Videography company.

B-183 Week 8 Reflection

As I thought about what I’ve learned about this week, I think it’s important to remember that we must never stop. We need to keep striving forward. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, I think that when we want to move forward that’s when the self-doubt starts to creep in. It made think of a story I once told to my scout group. I will post the story below. It is Satan’s biggest tool. He knows that once he gets in our head and we get discouraged. We need to believe in ourselves and move forward with our dreams. I know I will fail, I know there will be hard times, I know that trials are bound to come. I need to stay motivated and go forward. I need a rock solid motivation and keep my mind on my goals.

The Devil announced a “Going Out of Business” sale – which of course we know doesn’t really mean he was going out of business.

He laid out all the tools of his trade with pricetags for anyone to purchase. There was hatred, jealousy, envy, greed, and more – a darnright nasty bunch of devices, all for a price.

Some of the tools were pretty complicated items with buttons, spinners, ratchets, and gears. But, one was surprisingly simple. It was just a simple wedge that looked a lot like this doorstop. It was very worn, scratched, and scuffed – and it was far more expensive than any of the other high-tech tools.

Someone asked, “What’s this one?”

“That’s discouragement,” the Devil replied.

“Why’s it so expensive?”

“Because,” said the Devil, “it is more useful to me than any of the others. Most people can see the other tools coming and stop me. But, with discouragement, I sneak up on them, a little at a time, slowly pry them open, and get
inside where I can use my other tools.”

“When someone gets discouraged, they make excuses – and I get ’em. Or, they cheat – and I get ’em. Or, they get jealous of others success – and I get ’em. Or, they just completely quit – and I get ’em.”

“That’s why it is so worn, you see. I use it with
nearly everybody, because few people know that it belongs to me.”

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