B-183 Reflection Week 10

This weeks insights really helped me get a grasp on life and what I was doing. As I pondered the lessons, videos, and readings, I had a lot of thoughts come to mind. I believe I have a mindset where the sky is the limit. I have very large aspirations. I want to make a change in the world. I am a firm believer of the energy we put out into the world whether good or bad is what we will get in return. I have been thinking about what strengths and talents I have lately. I am slowly trying to figure out how I can successfully magnify those callings to benefit others. I have a desire to make a change in this world, I want to reach my full potential, and help others do the same. Sometimes I get a little caught up in so many things at once that I feel like I can’t do anything. I am quite the scatter brain and let all my ideas and thoughts come out at once but once I can organize my thoughts and efforts to have the same goal then I can make the real change happen. This class has given me the unique opportunity to do that. I continually have all these ideas and as I learn to use each weeks tools I can become better and more effective.


B-183 Reflection Week 9

I really enjoyed this week’s readings and videos. I think as I pondered these teachings a couple of thoughts came to mind. Most of this being a leader and a doer. I think there are way to many people out there that say “I wish I would’ve…” they had the idea and they didn’t go after it. If they would have done something with that thought they could’ve got out there and made a difference. Another thought I was having as I studied was the idea of being a baker and gaining peoples trust. For example if we want to we need to have something to offer to people who out rank us in the work force. We must think like them. They are also trying to create trust and value to their superiors so how can I be an asset to them? I believe through leadership and honesty that we will be able to successfully network and climb the chain to continue to grow.

From what President Clarke taught us we are given a guide on how we must lead. I thought about all my previous leaders and how they successfully put these into action. I plan to implement this into my calling as a scout leader and at work as a manager.


GoPro launched this video in September 2016 when they released some of their new products coming out the following year. I think this video does an amazing job at doing what the Gopro is supposed to do. They want you to feel like with their camera you are a Hero. The camera the film with in the videos is the GoPro Hero5. They also release a new drone and detachable drone. I chose to do this video because I remember when it was released, I watched as they were doing their Facebook live post.

Comm315 W9a


I think by this time GoPro has done a phenomenal job at gaining a big lead on adventure and action cams. If you ever have the time take a look at how the company started. This video makes you feel like a hero, and it gets you excited to use their products to create similar memories. At this same time they released some video editing software to help the user generate some of their own “hero” videos.


Unfortunately the Drone and their stock plummeted after some major problems with the drone. Overall the video could have mentioned more about their drone, gimbals, and new software. They could have used some text to describe some unique features of their products.

Comm315 W9b

Over the past couple of years they were able to get over 21 millions views. I think this video was very successful and they were able to hit their target audience. They us so many different elements of photography that I wont go into them. They are a photography/ Videography company.

B-183 Week 8 Reflection

As I thought about what I’ve learned about this week, I think it’s important to remember that we must never stop. We need to keep striving forward. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, I think that when we want to move forward that’s when the self-doubt starts to creep in. It made think of a story I once told to my scout group. I will post the story below. It is Satan’s biggest tool. He knows that once he gets in our head and we get discouraged. We need to believe in ourselves and move forward with our dreams. I know I will fail, I know there will be hard times, I know that trials are bound to come. I need to stay motivated and go forward. I need a rock solid motivation and keep my mind on my goals.

The Devil announced a “Going Out of Business” sale – which of course we know doesn’t really mean he was going out of business.

He laid out all the tools of his trade with pricetags for anyone to purchase. There was hatred, jealousy, envy, greed, and more – a darnright nasty bunch of devices, all for a price.

Some of the tools were pretty complicated items with buttons, spinners, ratchets, and gears. But, one was surprisingly simple. It was just a simple wedge that looked a lot like this doorstop. It was very worn, scratched, and scuffed – and it was far more expensive than any of the other high-tech tools.

Someone asked, “What’s this one?”

“That’s discouragement,” the Devil replied.

“Why’s it so expensive?”

“Because,” said the Devil, “it is more useful to me than any of the others. Most people can see the other tools coming and stop me. But, with discouragement, I sneak up on them, a little at a time, slowly pry them open, and get
inside where I can use my other tools.”

“When someone gets discouraged, they make excuses – and I get ’em. Or, they cheat – and I get ’em. Or, they get jealous of others success – and I get ’em. Or, they just completely quit – and I get ’em.”

“That’s why it is so worn, you see. I use it with
nearly everybody, because few people know that it belongs to me.”

REP Gary Vaynerchuk

I have recently started listening and following Gary V on his social media and on his podcast. I was introduced by a friend and after looking over some of articles I was very impressed. He layouts are all coordinating and intertwine. I also thought this article would be good for me as we are studying social media campaigns, ads, etc. At first glance at the ad we see the name and a link to subscribe to his email list, as well as links to all his different social media outlets. One also unique thing he does with most of his content is he has a ‘read time’ or a ‘listen time’. I think this prepares the follower to decide quickly if it is worth their time.

The article has great content throughout, the images he uses quite a few of the different design tools such as; lines, contrast, etc. He uses the images to help bring his points across. He uses them effectively before a point to show what he is trying to describe. He is a very straight to the point sort of guy and I think that is what he accomplishes here with his design. It is simple and fun. He covers his points thoroughly but doesn’t overdo it. Each of his subcategories links to another article he wrote.

I believe he uses all everything to determine if he was successful, but overall I think that new subscribers and followers would be the biggest way to determine his reach. He has successfully been using ads throughout social media to leave his mark and from watching his growth he has been very successful at influencing them.

B-183 Week 7 Reflection

I have yet to read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Book, I am curious on why it has not been one of my required readings as I have gone to school. I know a lot of people that have them and have been motivated to do better and strive to do more within their own lives/businesses. I think each of those habits is extremely important and I have noticed that my life really struggles when I am not following some of these basic steps. I think one thing I have learned and continually work on being proactive. My parents have always taught me to look for some way to help out or do something. There is always something that needs to be done. I am a doer, I want to get things done and out of the way so I won’t need to worry about them in the future. Another thing I was taught is to visualize the end. When I played football in high school our coach instilled in us the power of belief. That we would walk off the field after every game successful. It ended up working because we were willing to tackle what was in front of us each week. We were willing to work together, to push ourselves harder and farther. We would continually sharpen our skills and never let the winning get the best of us. We practiced harder each week to ensure success. We knew what we had to do at practice each day and go get it. A few things I need to work on is the win-win mentality and empathetic listening.

B-183 Week 6 Reflection

As I went through the videos and through the readings I pondered on the things I was learning. One of the readings really stuck out to me. I think we need to make sure our product can raise money before you get the ball rolling. I have read quite a few case studies where the company didn’t make any money because it wasn’t a product someone wanted for that price. People think so highly of their idea that they are blinded by the truth. The owner underestimated the need and want of his product or service. He didn’t understand that if he isn’t selling then he won’t have enough capital to stay afloat. In the article it mentions “Sources of money come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. It is important to consider how much money you may need in the future and how risky the investment may be prior to developing your network.” We always hear the phrase the bigger the risk the bigger the reward, when we think about that we must always remember that it must be a calculated risk. It is never a good idea to. I have thought of a lot of ideas throughout the years and some I think could’ve been great ideas, others not so much. As I run them past people I get a pretty clear idea of what they have observed


B-183 Week 5 Reflection

As I thought about this week’s readings and videos there were a lot of thoughts that came to my mind. First off was professional happiness. I don’t think we should ever do anything that sacrifices our happiness. We need to find something that brings us happiness. I was talking to an old coworker the other day and we were discussing our current jobs and how happy we were. There have been times where we have called each other and have been on the negative side of our jobs. Overall we both love our jobs but sometimes we get the grass is greener mentality with each other. We think their life style would suit us better, but in all honesty we are happy where we are. We both left other jobs around the same time because we weren’t happy. We mentioned some of the things that bring us true happiness in the workplace. We are both very passionate about what we do. That’s why we are both very happy about where we are at.

There was another self-discovery I made with reading of the spreading happiness case study. Sometimes even with entrepreneurship we must do things that we may not like at first to strive to do them overtime. I think Erica really just wanted to design and create. She learned new skills to further her learning. I think that is what Eica really loved and when she chooses to grow I think she will have more time to do that. My wife is very much the same way. She doesn’t love the business side of things like I do but she loves to create. She is a seamstress and loves making new things for our daughter. She want to share that gift and her designs but we just need to find a way to do it where she can still be passionate about it.

Marvel Brand REP


I think Marvel does a phenomenal job at social media outreach. As I studied their different campaigns and social media mediums they were able to have a very similar look without making them all the same. Their social media platforms were at the bottom of their webpage.

Comm315 W5a

They use a variety of different platforms for different purposes and engaging different audiences. One thing that really surprised me was that their Instagram account was not connected to page. I know they have an account. I just don’t know why they wouldn’t post it. I think Instagram would be one of the most effective platforms for them. They have many other platforms to reach out to fans though. For example their most success platform, Facebook. They have a whopping 28M followers! They are posting multiple things each day promoting a different part of the company, whether it is their new movie Black Panther. Which is show below. Their cover photo has great composition and focus on all the main characters of the movie. The subtle background contrast against each person brings the focus from the center of the image to the outer edges, giving each character the focus. Also each character showing so much emotion.

Comm315 W5b

Within their Facebook they also promote their THWIP their new show they have recently started to run. Facebook also shows you pages affiliated with Marvel inviting you to follow them with a simple click.

Comm315 W5c

Their G+ account is very simple. I don’t use this platform so I am not sure about their outreach. I think G+ is more for informational use. Marvel continues to post what they post across their platforms here as well.Comm315 W5d

Marvel has also been extremely successful with their Twitter campaign. They continue to post relevant content that is similar to their other platforms but is has a different twist. For example with their Jessica Jones tv show. Their cover photo also follows along with their Facebook page. It is the same image I just cropped this one.

Comm315 W5e

Their Tumblr page doesn’t show their followers but as I scrolled I saw a lot of re blogging and liking. This page promotes a few different things apart from the other pages. This one has a lot of user generated art. It had events to participate in. There was a link for any fan questions. The cover image is also much different from their other pages. This page isn’t dedicated to promoting Marvel Studios. It is more of an art and blog page. The cover is using the rule of thirds, focusing on the front superhero.

Comm315 W5f

Youtube is one of Marvels most powerful tools. Right now Marvel is so focused on Marvel Studios right now and over the past 18 movies they have dominated the industry. They hold the record for most views on a movie trailer for their upcoming Avengers movie. The Tv spot they just did during the Superbowl already had 15M views. It is only a 30 second clip. They have almost 6M subscribers. They show affiliated channels to subscribe to too. They have the links to their other social media pages as well.Comm315 W5g

And finally their Pinterest page. It is not focused around Marvel studios either but around their merchandise. They know that their followers are most likely interested in getting their kids gifts, or decorating their room. They have a lot of products and ideas from Marvel. Comm315 W5h

Overall I think Marvel has dominated each of their platforms and is diverse enough across each one to reach out to their target groups. Everything they post is very relevant to what is going on and what people are expecting.

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